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Julien Lonchamp is a French composer and filmmaker based in Edinburgh.


He studied composition in Trinity College Dublin with Donnacha Dennehy, Linda Buckley and Roger Doyle and graduated in 2008 with an MPhil in Music and Media Technologies (2.1). 


Julien is interested in how sound and music work at the interface with other disciplines, including visual art and science.


He is currently the 2022-23 Visiting Music Fellow at the ICMS (International Centre for Mathematical Science) in Edinburgh. 



Julien is interested in creating novel immersive “sound-worlds” by combining a wide range of processes (including microtonality, spectralism and spacialisation) in order to communicate abstract or complex ideas.

His music has been performed by a number of orchestras and ensembles including the Edinburgh Contemporary Music Ensemble (ECME), Mr McFall's Chamber, the Tinderbox Orchestra and the Viridian Quartet.

His symphonic pieces Helicotrema and Hologram were premiered by ECME in 2020 and 2015 at Edinburgh’s Reid Concert Hall, while his surround sound piece Hologram (augmented) was presented at the 2017 Sound Thought Festival (Glasgow) and the 2022 Sonorities Festival (Belfast).

Julien's chamber piece Trois Fulgurances was premiered by ECME at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His chamber piece Fall of a window cleaner was premiered at the National Concert Hall in Dublin in 2011 following a residency with the Association of Irish Composers and subsequently recorded by Mr McFall’s Chamber.



Julien has written, directed and scored the soundtrack of a number of short films. 


His short film The Day Before (2020) was selected for the 2021 French Film Festival UK and nominated for Best Editing and Best Comedy at the 2021 Unrestricted View Festival (UK). Verso-Tempo (2008) was awarded a Best in Digital Art Award at the 2009 Best in Show Festival (Dublin) and nominated for Best Experimental Short Film at the 2009 Fastnet Short Film Festival (Ireland).

In parallel he leads the Apostrophe Ensemble, a project exploring the subtle interplay between silent film and orchestral music. In 2011 Julien was selected for the Edinburgh International Film Festival's Composer's Lab.


The ensemble has performed the soundtracks of his films live during projection at a number of festivals and venues, including the Arches Live Festival (Glasgow), Dublin Electronic Arts Festival (Dublin), Centre for Contemporary Arts (Glasgow), Digital Hub (Dublin) and Summerhall (Edinburgh).

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